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Tag: romance

Foreplay begins at breakfast!
07 Jun 2017

Foreplay Begins at Breakfast

Of course we’ve all heard the quote “foreplay begins at breakfast.”  But how many of us take that to heart?  In an increasingly busy world where it isn’t easy to escape every day distractions, dating and sex can often feel like just another task on the to-do list.  Don’t just check the box tonight.  Let foreplay begin at breakfast and continue throughout...

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Date Night
17 May 2017

How to Get Ready for Date Night

We’ve all been there.  It’s date night.  The babysitter’s been called, reservations have been made, your significant other has actually showered AND changed clothes.  But for whatever reason, you’re just not feeling it.  Maybe you’re tired from a long day of work, maybe you’re stressing about your kids, maybe you’re pre-menstrual, menstrual or post-menstrual (all perfectly valid excused BTW!).  But it’s...

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Mothers Need Romance Too!
04 May 2014

Mothers Need Romance Too!

Listen up guys!  Sunday is Mother’s Day!  While the day is traditionally devoted to the woman who gave you life, let’s think for a moment about the woman who gave your children life.  After all, before she became a mother, she was your lover. Do you remember what your life was like before you had children?   When sex was a...

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