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Expecting Couples
11 Jul 2017

Tips for a Successful Babymoon

A babymoon can seem completely contradictory.  On the one hand, it’s your last chance for you and your partner to truly be alone before the baby comes.  On the other hand, depending on your pregnancy, you may feel like you’re at your least sexiest.  We encourage you to embrace the former!  No matter what trimester you’re in, you are sexy and...

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Surviving a Long Distance Relationship for Military Couples
29 Jun 2017

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship for Military Couples

Surviving a long distance relationship is never easy, particularly when one or both partners are in the military.  Military couples can make it work. Men and women that are willing to give up house and home to defend our countries are exceptional people and are to be commended. With that being said, we realize that military relationships are often difficult to...

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Foreplay begins at breakfast!
07 Jun 2017

Foreplay Begins at Breakfast

Of course we’ve all heard the quote “foreplay begins at breakfast.”  But how many of us take that to heart?  In an increasingly busy world where it isn’t easy to escape every day distractions, dating and sex can often feel like just another task on the to-do list.  Don’t just check the box tonight.  Let foreplay begin at breakfast and continue throughout...

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